Neshannock Memorial Hosts Wellness Event

Neshannock students and families had the opportunity to participate in hands-on health and wellness activities at the District’s very first Community Wellness Night. Concerned for the health and wellness of all students district-wide, this event, organized by the Neshannock School Wellness Committee, focused primarily on grades K-4 to allow for the introduction of the Brain Energizing classroom.

The evening’s activities were divided into the following three stations:

  • The Brain Energizing Classroom — funded by an Action for Healthy Kids grant — provides a space where students, in addition to physical education and recess, can increase physical activity throughout the day. Kalena Ziegler, a student teacher from Slippery Rock University, presented information to families regarding brain-energizing and brain-calming activities to increase purposeful physical activity and decrease anxiety.
  • In addition to the Brain Energizing Classroom, students and their families participated in purposeful physical activities for health-related fitness in the multipurpose room. These fun and engaging activities were presented by School Wellness Education majors from Slippery Rock University.
  • The cafeteria welcomed wellness partners from the community.  Activities in the cafeteria included a healthy foods taste testing as well as family education on making better food choices with Rochelle Nebel, dietician. Pharmacist Holly Liguore highlighted the district’s hydroponic Tower Garden. Other wellness partners included BlackBULL Crossfit, Infinity Flow Yoga, Elite Sport and Spine, The Y-Zone, Juice Plus+, Apple Castle, Neshannock Memorial PTO and Neshannock Township Education Foundation.

The goal of the evening was to not only promote a feeling of health and wellness in the school, but also throughout the entire community.

Spearheaded by Mrs. Mindy Nichols and Dr. Randy Nichols, the Neshannock School Wellness committee, whose members also include Mr. Matthew Heasley, Mrs. Jennifer Flannery, Mrs. Heather Collins, Mrs. Julie Morrone, Mrs. Chelsea Phillian, Mrs. Danielle Norge, Mrs. Ashley Seyler, Miss Miranda Negrea, Mrs. Joslynn Tatterson, Mrs. Rochelle Nebel, and Mrs. Holly Liguore,  plan to host future wellness events.

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