A Sweet Adventure

We’re Living in a Gingerbread World at NTSD!

PPG Wintergarden Gingerbread House Competition

Students at Neshannock Township School District enjoyed a sweet adventure this December to PPG’s Wintergarden in Pittsburgh, PA!

Students in Mrs. Flannery, Mrs. Memo, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Juricich, and Mrs. Norge’s kindergarten classes, Mrs. Medure’s Enrichment Program, and Mrs. Wilson’s Family & Consumer Science Class all created delectable gingerbread houses for PPG’s 15th Annual Gingerbread House Competition and Display.  Mr. Micsky’s high school CAD students played a role in the creation of the gingerbread houses too!  They designed, cut, and assembled the foam board frames for the houses using CAD software, as well as the laser engraver.

Teachers and students worked hard to create their sweet structures in November in order to have them on display in Pittsburgh in time for Light Up Night.  While kindergarten created more traditional gingerbread homes, like “Simple Country Christmas” and “Sweet Peak,” the enrichment students opted for some creative flair with homes inspired by Harry Potter!  Their gingerbread houses were constructed to resemble the shops you would find in Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.  Some of the shoppes that inspired them were “Honeydukes,” “The Three Broomsticks,“ “Quality Quidditch Supplies,” “Ollivanders,” “Flourish and Blotts Bookstore,” “The Leaky Cauldron,” “Zonko’s Joke Shop,” and “Florean Ice Cream Parlour.”

On Friday, December 8th, the students — Kindergarten, Elementary Enrichment, and Family and Consumer Science — enjoyed a field trip to PPG to view the massive gingerbread house display!  They were very excited to see that some of the gingerbread houses submitted by Neshannock classes even earned blue ribbons!  Students enjoyed taking in the sights and sounds of the big city, too!  Before heading home, they made a stop at North Park Lounge in Cranberry Township for lunch!  From start to finish, a wonderful time was had by all!

PPG Wintergarden Gingerbread House Display Website

Gingerbread House Winners:

  • Preschool Kindergarten Division:
    • 1st Place:  Mrs. Juricich’s Kindergarten Class
    • 2nd Place:  Mrs. Jones’ Kindergarten Class
  • Elementary School Division:
    • 1st Place:  Mrs. Norge’s Kindergarten Class

Congratulations to our winners!  The houses not only looked delicious, but they were also beautiful!

A Parade of Lights at Pearson Park

NTSD is committed to its partnership with the community of Neshannock Township!  We could not have been more excited to help when Township officials asked our District to participate in the “Parade of Lights” display at Pearson Park by creating life-size gingerbread houses!

The massive task of gingerbread house design and construction was taken on by Miss Wells’ Manufacturing Technology classes and Neshannock Technology Student Association (TSA) members.  Work on the houses took place both during and after school hours.

Students in Manufacturing Technology II-IV came up with the plans for the structures and calculated the materials necessary to complete them in October.  The frenzy of construction took place soon thereafter!  Once the actual house structures were completed, steps were taken by various clubs and organizations to begin painting and decorating.  Clubs and organizations that took part in the gingerbread house project are as follows:

  • Mr. Yahn and Art Club
  • Technology Student Association
  • Lancer Marching Band
  • Girl Scout Troops
  • FBLA
  • Spanish Club
  • Transition Students
  • Elementary Enrichment Students
  • Junior High Cheerleaders

Special thanks to everyone involved in the construction, decoration, supervision and cleanup during this project!

Be sure to fill up the car with your loved ones, grab some hot cocoa, and drive through Pearson Park to enjoy the handy work of our community at this year’s Parade of Lights!

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