Top Ten Senior Dinner

Each year, through the generosity of the Springfield Restaurant Group and Iron Bridge Inn, we celebrate the accomplishments of our Top 10.  In turn, our future graduates invite an influential member of our NTSD family to join them for recognition and dinner.

Top Ten Seniors and Guests:

  • Noah Burchett and Mr. Jim Hamm, NHS Social Studies Teacher
  • Mia Greco and Mrs. Lina Busin, NHS Spanish Teacher
  • Anneliese Harp and Mrs. Deborah Book, NHS Mathematics Teacher
  • Riley Hilton and Mr. Bill Hoffman, Retired NHS Chemistry Teacher
  • Abigail Hutchison and Mrs. Alicia Measel, NMS Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Leah Mrozek and Ms. Cindy Welker, NHS Business Teacher
  • Melissa Srun and Ms. Kim Heim, NHS Music Teacher and Band Director
  • Amanda Urban and Mr. Ed Frye, NHS Mathematics/Physics Teacher
  • Shenley Wish and Mrs. Donna Mott, NHS Secretary
  • Alexandria Zarilla and Ms. Barb Kennard, NHS Athletic Trainer

Before dinner is served, our students thank their guests of honor by revealing the reasons they are invited to the dinner and to describe how they have become an instrumental piece of their success:

  • “Mr. Hamm made civics real world…and he’s interesting, enjoyable, and easy to talk to…” –Noah Burchett
  • “I’ve had Mrs. Busin since seventh grade and that’s why I love Spanish…one of my goals is to be bilingual…” – Mia Greco
  • “Mrs. Book was there to encourage and to listen during a tough time in my life…and for all the math…there’s so much math…” – Anneliese Harp
  • “My interest in chemistry was sparked by Mr. Hoffman…he answered every question and guided me…and I like talking to him…” – Riley Hilton
  • “Mrs. Measel was my favorite elementary teacher…when I was standing in the hall waiting for my senior exit interview, she saw me and waved and it gave me an instant boost of confidence…” – Abigail Hutchison
  • “Miss Welker has taught me so much in the past four years…and I’ll take it with me as a Marketing major in college…” – Leah Mrozek
  • “My love of music was given to me by Miss Heim…and it will always be part of my life…” – Melissa Srun
  • “Cross country and track…physics…Mr. Frye was there for all of it to help us along…” – Amanda Urban
  • “Mrs. Mott is like a second mom to me…the best listening ear…a peaceful place…” – Shenley Wish
  • “As we all know, I’ve been injured most of my high school years…Barb was there for me whenever I needed her…always helping me…day and night…” – Alexandria Zarilla

Other invited guests in attendance were Superintendent Dr. Terence P. Meehan, Senior High School Principal Mr. Luca Passarelli, Senior High School Counselor Mrs. Brenda DeVincentis, and NHS Secretary Mrs. Natalie Lepore.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Top Ten Seniors of 2019!

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