School Bus Safety Awareness

The safety of our students — on and off campus — is paramount.  In recent communication, Neshannock Police Chief John Rand discussed the growing concern regarding motorists’ failure to stop for school buses with activated stop arms (stop sign/red flashing lights).  NPD published a news release on this important topic (see below).

Neshannock Township School District buses are all equipped with surveillance cameras in order to increase student safety while being transported to and from school, as well as school sponsored events. Surveillance footage of motorists violating PA School Bus Stopping Laws will be turned over to Neshannock Police Department.

NTSD and Neshannock Police Department are partnering in an online campaign to increase school bus stopping law awareness.  Please take a few minutes out of your day to refresh your knowledge of school bus stopping laws in Pennsylvania, and consider sharing the information with your fellow motorists.

Neshannock Police Department News Release
Motorist Alert | October 24, 2019

Neshannock Police have received numerous complaints about motorists passing school buses while they have the red flashing lights activated.  This action is very dangerous for the children and is against the law.

Several of the Neshannock Township School District buses have been recently outfitted with cameras to record these violations.  These recordings will be given to the Neshannock Police who will then issue citations to the offenders.  This fine exceeds over $300, and points can be assessed to their driving record.

The Neshannock Police would also like to remind motorists that Wilmington Road is not a divided highway, so even if driving the opposite direction, the driver still has to stop for the stopped school buses that have the flashing red lights activated in the opposing lane.

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Increase Your Awareness with School Bus Stopping Laws in Pennsylvania:

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