Parent Information

Transportation / Parent Information

Parents are responsible for their children at the bus stop. Parents should be sure their children behave at the stop and they are waiting in a safe location.

We provide transportation for over 1300 students. It is impossible to have each stop where it can be seen from each house.

We try to be fair and consistent in the placement of stops. It is impossible to base each stop on a personal situation.

Some students have to cross the road at their bus stop. We can not route every bus so that no one has to cross the road. All students should wait on their side of the road, until the bus stops, and then cross the road. We take into consideration the traffic patterns of each road and do not allow students to cross on a dangerous road.

Just because the bus drives right by a house does not mean it can stop at each house. With more stops, this will increase the ride time of students. It will also cause the traffic to become impatient and may cause cars to pass the bus creating a dangerous situation.

It is the school’s policy not to go into any cul-de-sac or dead end street for safety reasons. Cul-de-sacs are not created with school buses in mind. We do not want any bus backing up, unless it is unavoidable. With full size buses on all routes it is not wise to have them in a situation that may become dangerous. Parked vehicles may create problems when going around a cul-de-sac or turning around at a dead end street.(Exception; some special education or handicap circumstances.)

We do all that we can to maintain the same schedule every day. Sometimes unforeseen things such as a substitute driver, traffic, weather and other incidents may cause delays in bus arrival.

All bus capacities are designed for (3) students per seat.

All kindergarten and younger elementary students must have a parent or authorized guardian visible at the stop or the student will be brought back to the school.

The school would prefer that all students have just one drop-off and pick-up location Monday through Friday. This would help to prevent confusion on the child’s part and the risk of misplacing a child.

Occasionally a child may need ride to a friend or relative’s home, if the child has a signed note from the parent or guardian, approved by the office and there is room available on that bus, this will be permitted.

The Transportation staff at Neshannock tries to work with parents on all requests but resources do not permit us to honor every request. With a limited staff we can not always reply as quickly as we would like.

If you have any questions please contact (724) 654-2650.

Karen DeCarlo, Transportation Supervisor