Student Expectations

While students are waiting for the bus

1. Always arrive 5 minutes before scheduled time.
2. Remain in a safe area while waiting for the bus.
3. Do not cross the street until the bus has stopped and red lights have been activated.
4. Always look for traffic.
5. Respect the property of others while you wait.
6. Always remain in eye contact with the bus driver. “I see the driver, The driver sees me.”

While the students are riding the bus

1. The driver has the right to assign seats and change them accordingly.
2. Stay seated at all times.
3. Talk quietly so you do not distract the driver.
4. Do not throw things on the bus.
5. No eating or drinking on the bus.
6. Do not open or try to open emergency exits unless driver instructs you to.
7. Large instruments or projects should not be brought on the bus.

When students are leaving the bus

1. Remain seated until the bus is completely stopped.
2. Leave the bus quickly and quietly in an orderly fashion.
3. Never try to get back on the bus after exiting. The driver may not see you.
4. Never reach under the bus if you drop something. Tell the driver.
5. If you must cross the street, cross only in front of the bus never behind the bus.
Always look for traffic.
6. Always move away from the bus to a safe area. Always remain in eye contact with driver.