7th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List, 2018-2019

Please bring these items with you on the first day of school.

Item Quantity Class
Pencils, Pens, Highlighters, a pair of earbuds, and Colored pencils As needed throughout the year All Subjects
Index Cards (Suggested But Not Required) As needed throughout the year Vocabulary (any class)
Elmer’s liquid white glue 1 bottle Used in both English and Reading
2-Inch or larger three-ring binder 1 1 for Math Only (red)
1-Inch three ring binder

All separate 1-inch binders for each class listed – Not one big zip binder

2 1 for Science only (black)

1 for French only (purple)

2 Pocket Folder 5 Math, ELA, Geography, Science, Rotation Class
1 Subject Spiral Notebook 3 Math, Geography, Rotation Class
1.5-Inch three-ring binder 1 1 for ELA (English & Reading) only (white)
1 package binder dividers 1 1 for ELA (English & Reading)
3 subject notebook (5-Star Brand is Suggested but not required) 1 Science
large book cover 1 Science
TI-30X IIS Calculator (Suggested But Not Required) 1 Math
Scissors 1 pair English and Reading