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Mark Ulam

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Mark Ulam


NTSD Featured on WTAE Action News

Click Here to watch the video and read the full article highlighting the improvements made on campus to promote the health and safety of students and staff.

Buildings and Grounds Updates

The summer season is always busy on campus.  It is a time for renewing and revamping as we prepare to welcome students back to the building each fall.  This summer was no different.  Please take a moment to review the most recent updates and upgrades to our campus:

  • HVAC The District has completed the HVAC system overhaul in 2021.  This project began in 2019 in the junior-senior high school and came to completion at the elementary school this August.  This project was a massive undertaking:
    • All classroom heat pumps have been replaced.
    • Six outside air handlers have been added to the system.  This will allow an increased flow of outside, fresh air to be circulated throughout the building.  The air quality in our buildings rates beyond the current ASHRAE standard for public schools.
    • New univents have been installed in all elementary classrooms.
    • All building automation controls have been replaced throughout the District.  These controls allow the Buildings and Grounds Department to monitor temperature and outside, fresh air flow into the buildings.
    • The HVAC overhaul has allowed us to drastically increase our exchange rate — the replacement of interior air within a certain space with outside, fresh air.
    • Air conditioning was added to the middle gymnasium (closest to our Central Administration Office).
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations:  Touch-free Purell hand sanitizer stations are available every classroom throughout the District.  Touch-free hand sanitizer stations will continue to be available in all high traffic areas through the campus interior.
  • Flooring:  The District has upgraded the flooring throughout the District.  This project began in 2019 and came to completion in August 2021.  All carpeting has been removed from the classrooms and replaced with non-porous LVT flooring.  This same flooring was also installed throughout the hallways.  The LVT allows for quick, effective cleaning and sanitizing on a daily basis.
  • Paint:  Several areas in the elementary school received a fresh coat of paint in 2021.  This project will continue throughout the District.

Health and Safety Procedures and Products:

  • Plexi-glass dividers continue to be available in shared work spaces. 
  • Bottle-filling stations are available throughout the building in lieu of traditional fountain-style drink stations.
  • Freestanding Purell hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the buildings, including entrances and high traffic areas.
  • All students and staff have access to multiple Meritech Automated CleanTech® Handwashing Systems throughout the buildings.  These handwashing systems remove the variability of human behavior from the hygiene process and effectively guarantee quality hygiene.  The systems are clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands in 12 seconds using 75% less water than a traditional sink.

Our maintenance department continues to sanitize and sterilize all classrooms, common areas, and school buses on a daily basis. Throughout the District we are using all Green Seal Certified products. In addition, one product has the Eco Logo designation which is USDA approved. The Green Seal certification is attained through strict analysis of the chemicals makeup and its use. This not only protects the students through the day, but also the teachers and custodians who come in contact with these products on a daily basis.

We utilize a disinfectant product that has seven capable solutions in one.  VitalOxide is used for the following:

  • EPA Registered hospital disinfectant cleaner
  • NSF Registered no rinse required food surface sanitizer
  • Mold and mildew killer
  • Allergen eliminator
  • Odor eliminator
  • HVAC antimicrobial control
  • Soft surface sanitizer
  • VitalOxide is one of the leading products in terms of safety and effectiveness.

We are also utilizing several Purell products including hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer, and disinfectant sprays.