Elementary Online (K-6)

Mrs. Flannery

Mrs. Jennifer L. Flannery 

Mrs. Jennifer Flannery
Director of Educational Services
(724) 658-4793, Extension 5103

Cyber Teacher
Grades K-6 and Special Education
Miss Lexie Ferrese
724-658-4793, Extension 4605

K-6 Cyber Aide
Mrs. Alexandra Morrone

NTSD Chromebook Rules and Guidelines

2023-2024 Technology Usage Agreement Form

Student Supply List

The following teachers also provide support, resources, and/or instruction to our online learners:

General Information

All students enrolled in Neshannock Online Campus must adhere to District policies and procedures.  Students will follow the school calendar and must be logged in to their scheduled live sessions (one per day) for attendance.  Students enrolled in Online Campus will remain in the cyber program for the duration of each grading period; however, they may transition to the in-person setting for the next grading period (nine weeks).  In order to transition to the in-person setting, please contact Mrs. Flannery prior to the start of the next grading period.  Also, students are required to participate in mandatory assessment testing (i.e. PSSA) in the building. Details will be provided to the students and parents prior to the testing windows.


Additional Policies and Procedures:

Any enrollment in Neshannock Online Campus is done on a trial basis.  Students must earn passing grades in all courses in order to remain in NOC for the following grading period(s).  Should a student receive a failing grade in any course, he/she will be transitioned to the in-person setting at the start of the following grading period. This procedure is in place to protect and benefit the student.  We want to ensure that our students have every reasonable opportunity to succeed.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the available live support appointments available with Miss Ferrese and/or Mrs. Morrone.

Ideally, we like students to begin and end a grading period in the same model of education; nonetheless, we understand that circumstances arise making a switch from in-person to cyber education a necessity. If a student transitions to NOC after the midpoint of the grading period, he/she will remain in NOC for the duration of the current grading period, as well as the entirety of the following grading period as long as the student receives passing grades in all courses. For example, a student transitioning to NOC on October 15 (after the midpoint of the first grading period) will remain in NOC for the rest of the first grading period and the entire second grading period.

If a student, in collaboration with the parent/guardian, decides to withdraw from the Neshannock Online Campus, a transition back to the Memorial Elementary School building can occur at the end of a grading period. In order to transition to the in-person setting, please contact Mrs. Flannery prior to the start of the next nine-week grading period. The student will then report to the building on the first day of the new grading period. Email reminders are typically sent to NOC students and parents/guardians regarding deadlines to return to the in-person setting for a new grading period.