Grading & Assessment


The district’s assessment system shall include a variety of assessment strategies which may include:

1. Written work by students.
2. Scientific experiments conducted by students.
3. Works of art or musical, theatrical or dance performances by students.
4. Demonstrations, performances, products or projects by students related to specific  academic standards.
5. Examinations developed by teachers to assess specific academic standards.
6. Nationally-available achievement tests.
7. Diagnostic assessments.
8. Evaluations of portfolios of student work related to achievement of academic standards.
9. Other measures, as appropriate, which may include standardized tests.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop and implement procedures to assess student progress, in accordance with district goals and regulations of the State Board of Education.

  • At the outset of any course, each student should be informed about the academic standards to be attained.
  • Each student should be kept informed of personal progress during the units of a course of planned instruction.
  • Methods of assessment shall be appropriate to the planned instruction and maturity of students.
  • Assessment strategies should objectively evaluate and reward students for their efforts.
  • Students should be encouraged to assess their own academic achievements.
  • All assessment systems shall be subject to continuing review and revision.

Reporting Student Progress

  • Various methods of reporting appropriate to grade level and curriculum content shall be utilized.
  • Both student and parent shall receive ample warning of a pending grade of failure, or one that would adversely affect the student’s academic status.
  • Scheduling of parent-teacher conferences should occur at times that ensure the greatest degree of participation by parents.
  • Report cards shall be issued at intervals of not less than nine (9) weeks.
  • Review and evaluation of methods of reporting student progress to parents shall be conducted on a periodic basis.