Attendance & Excuses

It is the policy of the district that no credit be awarded to any student who is absent from school or class on forty (40) or more occasions during a school year. In situations where a class meets for only one (1) semester, credit will not be given to students who are absent on twenty (20) or more occasions during the semester. For classes that meet on the nine (9) or six (6) week time frame, the attendance factor will be pro-rated based on the forty (40) day rule.

A written excuse from the parent/guardian addressed to the homeroom teacher must be presented the first day following an absence or tardy. The excuse must state the date(s) of the absence, the exact reason for the absence, and signature of the parent/ guardian. If no excuse is presented within five (5) days following return to school, the absence will be coded illegal or unexcused.

Seniors who are absent due to college visitation will be excused provided they make the visitation accompanied by at least one (1) parent/guardian.

Parents/Guardians of the students who have missed ten (10) days or more will receive written notification and will be asked to telephone the school each time their child is absent. Students will be required to submit a physician’s excuse in case of chronic absence (twenty (20) days or more). Excuses signed by anyone other than a physician will be coded illegal or unexcused.

NTSD Board Policies