NTSD Joins Wishmaker Club

Prompted by Extreme Leadership’s visit to the Make-A-Wish® Headquarters last year, our Superintendent’s Advisory Council set a goal to raise $5,000 during the 2023-24 school year to become “Wishmakers.” The average cost to grant a wish for a critically ill child is $5,000, and we were determined to make that happen. After a successful Christmas tree raffle in December and a District-wide “Make-A-Wish® Day” in April, we not only met our goal, but we also surpassed it! We were able to proudly donate an unbelievable total of $18,364.19!

On Tuesday, April 30, Mrs. Flannery and the Superintendent’s Advisory Council made the trip to the Make-A-Wish® of Greater PA and WV Headquarters in Pittsburgh.  Jake Seavy, Development Coordinator, gave us a guided tour of the headquarters before we did a formal check presentation of our donation. Our group learned that there are five types of wishes – “I wish to have,” “I wish to meet,” “I wish to be,” “I wish to go,” and “I wish to give.” Our visit concluded with inspirational videos and a tour of the “Wall of Wishes” in the conference room. The wall displays the first name, age, hometown, and wish of each child who has been granted a wish through their headquarters in Pittsburgh. The first wish was granted in 1983.

Mrs. Amy Houk, first grade teacher, joined us on this very special trip. Her late son, Cameron, was granted a wish in 2015.  On this trip, she had the opportunity to see and touch his name on the “Wall of Wishes” for the very first time. These final emotional moments of the trip were both humbling and inspiring.

While our eyes were teary as we departed the thirty-seventh floor of Gulf Tour, our hearts were full. We cannot thank Jake Seavy and the Make-a-Wish® Foundation Greater PA and WV team for hosting us. What an incredible experience!

Superintendent’s Advisory Council:  Brianna Bailey, Juliana Medure, Mark Daugherty, Grayson Feury, Allison Geary, Jake Rynd, Adrienne Gierlach, Cole Hutchison, Mara Medure, Jackie Morrone, and Payton Flannery

Extreme Leadership Representatives:  Chloe Maalouf and Jake Rynd

Our Make-A-Wish© Story – Printable Newsletter

Our Three Wishes

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity and support of the entire lancer community, our donation was used to fund the wishes of three critically ill children from Butler County. These are their stories:

AIDEN | Aiden is a brave 9 year old adventurer from Butler, PA whose indomitable spirit shines bright, even in the face of pancreatic cancer. Despite the challenge of his illness, Aiden’s imagination knows no bounds, and his heart eats with the thrill of adventure, whether he’s exploring imaginary worlds, playing games, or skating across the ice in pursuit of his love for hockey. It’s amidst these moments of joy and wonder that Aiden’s wishes take root – a dream to embark on an epic journey to the theme parks in Florida. Aiden’s wish is granted and with each step through the gates of Walt Disney World Resorts and LEGOLAND, his world transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors, laughter, and boundless possibilities.

From the exhilarating rush of thrilling rides to the enchanting encounters with beloved characters, every moment becomes a cherished memory etched in Aiden’s journey. Amidst the dizzying whirl of excitement, Aiden’s wish weaves a tapestry of joy and hope, offering respite from the challenges of his medical journey. In the magic of the parks, Aiden finds a sanctuary where laughter reigns supreme, and the weight of his illness fades into the background. Here, amidst the whimsical wonders of fantasy and adventure, Aiden discovers newfound strength, a resilience that propels him forward with courage and determination. But beyond the fleeting moments of joy and laughter, Aiden’s wish leaves a lasting imprint on his journey, illuminating a path of hope and possibility. In the weeks and months to come, the memories of his magical adventure serve as beacons of light during the darkest of days, offering comfort and solace in times of struggle. And as Aiden continues his brave battle against pancreatic cancer, his wish remains a source of inspiration, reminding him of the boundless joy and wonder that await on the other side of adversity.

SETH | Seth is a spirited 12 year old from Lyndora, PA, whose infectious laughter fills the air, even amidst the shadow of a malignant brain tumor. Despite the gravity of his illness, Seth’s spirit remains unbroken, fueled by his passion for video games and the exhilarating adventures he shares with his brother under the open sky. It’s within these moments of play that Seth finds respite from the weight of his medical journey, where pixels and playgrounds offer a sanctuary of joy and escape. Recently, Seth’s fervent wish was granted, igniting a spark of anticipation that danced in his eyes like shimmering stars. Accompanied by his devoted parents and cherished brother, Seth embarked on a magical journey through retail wonderlands – Walmart, Target, and GameStop beckoned with promises of treasures beyond his wildest dreams.

Each aisle became a portal to a world of possibilities, where controllers whispered epic quests, Legos held the promise of boundless creativity, and video games became gateways to realms of adventure. As Seth’s arms overflowed with newfound treasures – video games, controllers, gaming accessories, Legos, Nerf guns, and a few new clothes – the impact of his wish transcended mere material possessions. It became a beacon of hope, a radiant light amidst the shadows of illness. Through the joy of play, Seth found solace and strength, his spirit buoyed by the love and support of his family. The laughter that echoed through the aisles spoke volumes of the resilience that thrived within Seth’s young heart, a testament to the healing power of happiness.

COLIN | Despite his devastating leukemia diagnosis, 18 year old Colin from Mars, PA was determined to keep his head held high throughout treatment. His parents were so proud as they watched him fight this blood disease with unbreakable optimism, but the whole family dreamed of the day that he could leave his treatments behind and pursue a bright future. We here at Make-A-Wish were determined to give Colin the shining star of hope he and his family needed during their battle.

For Colin, who loves listening to country and hip-hop music, playing video games and ordering steak at Hall’s Chophouse; he had much to consider when determining his wish. He introduced his Make-A-Wish volunteers to his dog Luca and explained that he really enjoys playing golf. So, taking all this into consideration it was decided to send Colin and his family off to Portland, Oregon to see the sights and play some golf.Colin arrived in Portland and was whisked off to the Royal Sonesta Hotel which is nestled in the middle of downtown Portland. The family was near the museums and wonderful restaurants, and they spent the afternoon exploring. The next day Colin played at Pumpkin Ridge Club enjoying the camaraderie with the other golfers and touring the club. It was then off to two nights at Bandon Dunes, a beautiful resort along the Oregon coast. The courses are located along the rugged shores and stretched for miles along the grassy dunes rolling toward the sea.

Colin enjoyed his days of golf surrounded by the sights and sound of the Pacific Northwest. This dream trip gave Colin hope and joy making his treatments a bit easier to deal with upon arriving home. He knows that his journey continues, but Make-A-Wish will be here for him the entire way.

We also enjoyed lunch at Ritual House and a quick visit to the Strip District before heading back to Neshannock!


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