Transportation Survey

The Neshannock Township School District Transportation Department is making plans for the 2024-2025 school year.  A significant amount of time and preparation goes into bus routes, stops, and assignments each year.

All students residing in Neshannock Township are assigned to a bus and bus stop; however, not all students utilize the District-provided transportation.  This results in some buses being filled to capacity while other buses have very few passengers.

In an attempt to provide the most efficient transportation services to our student body, we are kindly requesting that you complete a transportation survey for each student in your household by Thursday, March 7.  This will enable the transportation department to make appropriate adjustments to bus routes, stops, and assignments for the 2024-2025 school year.

The survey will be sent to your child’s school email account.  You must submit the survey while logged in to your child’s account.  This will allow us to keep an accurate log of household entries.  Incoming PreK and kindergarten student information will be gathered at registration.

  • Students in Grades K-9 will receive their emails on 2/23/24.
  • Students in Grades 10-12 will receive their emails on 2/24/24.

Please reach out to Mark Ulam, Director of Transportation, with any questions about the survey.  Thank you for submitting this form for each student in your household by March 7.

Mark Ulam, Director of Transportation

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